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    Press Mentions

    Since launching in April 2005 Google Sightseeing and its founders James and Alex Turnbull have been featured by ABC News, The BBC, Good Morning America, The Independent, The Guardian, The New York Post, The New York Times, The LA Times, The Boston Globe, The Tonight Show, Wired, PC World, and many others, some of which are listed below.

    Alex and James Turnbull are both available for professional comment on Google Earth, Google Maps and Street View, please get in touch via the Contact page.

    • 28th Sep 2012 –
      Techmeme profiles the “Google Maps hunters” and some of the best things recently found on Google Maps and Street View.

    • 13th Sep 2011 –
      Alex is interviewed for ABC’s Good Morning America (the second highest rated TV show in the US), about the naked woman in Miami who was the cause of the latest viral Street View sensation. The article was picked up by other networks, including the .

    • 26th Jul 2011 –
      NPS talks to Alex about advertisements that can be seen from space.

    • 30th Dec 2010 –
      Google Sightseeing is included as a prominent example of sites that treat Google’s cartographic products as a source of entertainment.

    • 27th Nov 2010 –
      Google Sightseeing is chosen as one of the Guardian’s Internet Picks of the Week.

    • 23rd Aug 2010 –
      Lots of our discoveries mentioned in their “Google Earth Pictures: The Most Mysterious Sightings Ever” photo story.

    • 26th Mar 2009 –
      James was interviewed for ABC News’ feature on the 7 wonders of Google Earth.

    • 26th Mar 2009 –
      Featured in the popular weekly email of “the coolest stuff on the net”.

    • 21st Mar 2009 –
      Local London newspaper writes about our announcement of the discovery of Wally hidden in the London Street View imagery.

    • 20th Mar 2009 –
      The Times does a top ten of the best Street View sights as found by Google Sightseeing.

    • 20th Mar 2009 –
      The Guardian recognises our Twitter feed as the premier source of all things Street View.

    • 20th Mar 2009 –
      The Telegraph credits Google Sightseeing with breaking the news of the discovery of Wally in the UK street view imagery

    • 20th Mar 2009 –
      Cycling website Bike Radar.com uses some of our posts to write a roundup of cycling on Street View.

    • 20th Mar 2009 –
      The Daily Fail manages to write an entire article based on our Twitter feed without mentioning us once. They even take the credit for finding several of the sights themselves.

    • 19th Mar 2009 –
      The Guardian is the first to pick up the launch of Google Street View in the UK and the Netherlands, describing our finds as “Excellent stuff”.

    • 3rd Dec 2008 –
      Alex was interviewed for a virtual tourism article which appeared in print as well as online.

    • 12th Nov 2008 –
      Article about the Street With a View project.

    • 2nd Sept 2008 –
      We actually wrote this article for PC World magazine, in which we highlight the top 10 add-ons for Google Earth.

    • 8th May 2008 –
      The world’s most popular blog also links to our Street View Sabotage story.

    • 7th May 2008 –
      CNET’s News Blog is the first to pick up our Street View Sabotage story.

    • 4th May 2008 – This Brazilian web portal put together this video piece about Brazilian locations that have featured on Google Sightseeing. (, and )

    • 2nd April 2008 –
      “Labs from space” – The physics magazine for Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford Linear Accelerator Center starts off looking at our entries on particle accelerators but get caught up looking at naked sunbathers instead.

    • 6th February 2008 –
      “Website of the day” – The geek blog for girls recommends Google Sightseeing as website of the day, whilst accusing us of having a “major jones for Google Earth”.

    • 17th January 2008 –
      “When Botanists, Journalists and Google Geeks Collide” – Mike Nizza enjoys our “shouting media criticism” relating to the Mysterious Self-Destructing Palm Tree story.

    • 14th October 2007 – The Sunday Post
      Bob Smyth writes about Google Sightseeing and some of our favourite finds. PDF scan courtesy The Sunday Post.

    • 9th August 2007 –
      Blogging arm of the London based newspaper admit their Google Sightseeing fandom and link to our bizarre traffic accident scene.

    • 6th August 2007 –
      FOX 26’s “My Tech Guy” Doug Delony features Google Sightseeing as his on-air “Site of the Day” and also .

    • 26th June 2007 –
      Google Sightseeing is mentioned in the article “Google Maps Is Changing the Way We See the World”.

    • 21st June 2007 –
      Collective, the interactive culture magazine, is grateful for our Street View coverage.

    • 30th May 2007 –
      James speaks on live radio about the launch of Google’s Street View service.

    • 7th April 2007 – &
      The newspapers both re-print our Trampoline story from a few months ago.

    • 1st April 2007 –
      A whole new way to look at the world – A summary of Google Earth mentions Google Sightseeing and some of the sights we’ve featured.

    • 8th February 2007 –
      Sightseeing from you中国福利彩票线上购买r sofa – Francisca Kellett picks her favourites from recent Google Sightseeing entries.

    • 6th February 2007 –
      The Blog and Podcast themed weekly radio show speaks to James about India’s efforts to blur images in Google Earth.

    • 23rd January 2007 –
      ABOVE & BEYOND – A two page spread in the New York post talks about the site and features selected entries from our book Off the Map: The Most Amazing Sights on Earth as Seen by Satellite.

    • 8th January, 2007 –
      The Google Sightseeing fans at free newspaper “The Metro” pick up our story of rude crop art.

    • 7th January, 2007 –
      Pulitzer Prize winner Dan Neil writes an in-depth article about Google Sightseeing and the whole satellite sightseeing phenomenon.

    • 7th October, 2006 –
      Five-star review from the online men’s magazine.

    • Late September, 2006 – Everywhere
      Our , a , print articles in Danish tabloid and British Newspaper , and video mentions on Kevin Rose’s (starting at about 27:30) and NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

    • 14th August, 2006 –
      Jon Carroll goes looking for mystery in China but gets caught up reading through the archives of Google Sightseeing.

    • 9th February, 2006 –
      Jason Hagey writes about a Tacoma store owner who found fame in Google Local and includes a few quotes from James.

    • 18th January, 2006 –
      Starting with the Rowing on the Charles River the Boston Globe recommends getting lost in the Google Sightseeing archives.

    • 13th November, 2005 –
      or Watch the Show – / (Skip to about 17:20)

    • 2nd November, 2005 –
      Google Sightseeing was mentioned in the print article and an links to some of PC Magazine’s favorite Google Sightseeing posts.

    • October, 2005 –
      The Orange monthly technology email for October 2005 is devoted to Google Sightseeing.

    • 21st October, 2005 – (Portugal)
      The team at IDG Now! discover Google Sightseeing and have a go themselves ().

    • 17th October, 2005 –
      Probably the world’s most popular blog links to Jesus in a Sand Dune.

    • August 2005 –
      Feedster ranks Google Sightseeing as the 187th Most Popular Blog.

    • 15th August, 2005 –
      Wendy Boswell highlights her favourite entries in “Google SightSeeing Redux”.

    • 20th June, 2005 –
      Maryanne Murray Buechner lists Time’s 50 coolest websites of 2005. Whilst we’re not in the actual top 50, we are linked to in the description of Google Maps.

    • 10th June, 2005 –
      Quick link for the popular American Blogger.

    • 8th June, 2005 –
      We get Slashdotted from an article on a related Google Maps Hack.

    • 4th May, 2005 –
      Brad Stone writes about the launch of the satellite data on Google Maps and interviews Alex.

    • 27th April, 2005 –
      Joe Bardi and Max Linksy outline the Google Maps phenomenon and interview James.

    • 17th April, 2005 The BBC News links to Google Sightseeing as part of a news story on the Google Maps launch.

    • 15th April, 2005 –
      Mentioned (and praised) on the Official Google Blog.

    • 14th April, 2005 –
      Listed in the “Web Watch” column of the The Guardian.

    • April 2005 – (Also , and )
      Soon after launch Google Sightseeing gets hundreds of Del.icio.us links and for a few days we top the . As of 23 May ’08 there’s a total of 4540 links at the three different URLs.

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